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An iconic property accommodating up to 25 people with a kitchen and a dining room, a wine cellar, a humidor, a fully equipped bar, a smokehouse and a projector screen in the attic, because screening can start at any time.

All roads lead to Zbraslavice near Kutná Hora, just take off.

We're old school all the way

Old school

The building used to be a small classroom with a headmaster's flat. We‘ve turned it into a place with a free spirit and genius loci.


Every room feels different, no two are the same. The rooms are of different sizes and offer a unique atmosphere. Are you ready to choose yours?

Wine cellar

You can't miss the stone cellar with a wine bar. Walk down the stairs from the kitchen and you're there.

Fully equipped bar

A lazy afternoon turns into evening when you know all you need to do is to shake, add some ice, or pour neat.


Do you prefer one-armed bandit, retro foosball, poker or a game of Ludo?

Cigar Room

Havana, cigars, Virginias, pipes ... all are allowed in our common room

Attic with a stage and a projector screen

Curl up in the attic to watch a movie, put on a concert, or argue about the refferee’s controversial decision while watching a football match.


Just bring some meat and fill the house with the aroma of your favourite meat of choice. You will find the smokehouse on the 1st floor in the hallway.


Morning coffee tastes divine in the shade of the church. And an evening toast made on the fire or a steak on the grill is no sin.

The 25-person property is ready for anything

The whole of Sborovna is here for you to enjoy. Come and stay with us for a minimum of 2 nights and in the summer make your stay 7 days or more. Available dates can be found in the reservations calendar.

Looking for accommodation for a larger group? Or for more romance? Try our Samota Hojšín.

1st floor

1st floor

  • fully equipped kitchen with dining room
  • 3 fully equipped rooms
  • Shared bathroom - bath, shower and toilet
  • 2 separate toilets
  • 1 washroom
  • garden with a barbecue, fireplace and divine atmosphere
  • wine cellar
  • equipped bar where time passes differently

2nd floor

  • 5 fully equipped rooms
  • 2 bathrooms - bath, shower and 2x WC
  • 2 equipped kitchens
  • smokehouse
  • we will be happy to provide you a baby cot
2nd floor


1st floor

2nd floor



The Miracle of Čihošť

On September 11th1949, a parish priest named Josef Toufar was celebrating Mass during which a half-metre wooden cross on the main altar moved. This miraculous occurrence served as an excuse to prosecute and persecute the Church and Josef Toufar was arrested on January 28th 1950, and died in the Valdice prison later that year. His grave with his remains can be found in front of the altar under a stone slab in the church in Čihošt'. Geographical centre of the Czech Republic – just above the village.

Lookout towers

This unique log cabin is more than 50 metres high. You will have the Šumava and Krkonoše mountains in the palm of your hand.

Kutná hora

A town listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List with a unique genius loci, excellent restaurants and cafes featured on Lukáš Hejlík's gastromap.

Stonewood Nature Park

Prepare a picnic lunch in the meadow and go animal watching.

Jakub glass factory

A glassmaking museum in Tasice, where production resumed in 2016. Go on a guided tour and buy unique items from leading Czech glassmakers and glassworks.

Zruč nad Sázavou Castle

Neo-gothic castle with a beautiful park, moat, the fun trail of the Knight Milota of Kolowrat, an open-air cinema and views of the Sázava River and the Posázava Pacific.

Local breweries

Where to go for a pint, or two…or three.   The restored Fortress of Malešov with a craft brewery and excellent beers and fine cultural events.
Family brewery Švihov 
Brewery Kácov
Chateau Brewery Zbraslavice 


Sion Castle
The Hussites built it, defended it for 4 months and lost. Sigismund of Luxembourg burned it down. Its history is embedded into the air surrounding it.
All there is left is a tower, a few walls and beautiful views of the meander of the Sázava river.
A monumental torso of a summer palace, which was surrounded by a chapel, a small monastery of Pavlana monks and a hermitage.



Zbraslavice 149, 285 21

49.8121836N, 15.1821886E


+420 731 021 558

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